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Casino No Limit - Collector's Edition

Casino No Limit - Collector's Edition
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Casino No Limit - Collector's Edition
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Casino No Limit - Collector's Edition

Without a doubt, the biggest European porn production with 14 gorgeous stars, 12 very intense hard scenes for 2h30 of vices and lust!

There are in the word men ready to bring their lives into play to discover new sensations.

For this, they committed themselves in "no limit" games where the stakes exceed all the prohibitions and where violence rub shoulders with sex.

Nacho Vidal, villain obsessed with pleasure and money, prepares one of this game on the demand of Hortz (former war criminal) and his seductive assistant, Nina.

Different personalities are going to try this dangerous experience, starting with the mysterious MĂ©lissa Lauren motivated by an obscure secret.

Assisted by Yasmine and her billionaire husband, Melissa will have to overcome the most immoral obstacles to reach her goal.

From Paris to Ibiza, from Yacht to sumptuous villas…  Discover the decadent atmosphere of playrooms where each character contains secrets, passion and depravity.

All along this drama, aroused by adrenalin, men and women are unleashed. If girls give free expressions to their lesbian urges, they also give rise to the most perverted male lust, to their wild penetrations, vaginal or anal, indeed to double penetration that make them yelling of pleasure.

Marc Dorcel
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