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You are invited to enter a world where there is no other feeling, no other need and no other desire other than giving and receiving pure pleasure. Created by the twisted mind of JALIF, knock on the door and take part in his orgasmic vision that lives inside the PLEASUREDOME. But of course were not talking about delicate pleasures, were talking about hard, ass slamming anal pleasures of the type that only PRIVATE XTREME can bring you. This is Jalifs first movie for the Private Xtreme label and it features five rock hard scenes and stars seven delicious girls who are ready and waiting and pulsating with pleasure. Alejandra shows off a pair of BIG pleasuredomes, as her huge tits bounce around while she takes an anal pounding. Ramon Nomar and Antonio Ross take on the oral might of Yesi as she pleasures their pulsating poles. Yesi returns in scene 3 in a four way with the delicious Victoria Lanz and two studs, who drive these two bitches wild with hard anal pleasure! The sinewy figure of Sonia Baby looks so delicious as she lays there fingering her wet cunt. The beautiful Salma de Nora cant resist taking a closer look at that gorgeous gash. Then they become joined at the hip before Antonio Ross manages to separate them with his thick cock, making them ride it for some shared penetrative pleasure! In the final scene two studs try to invade the PLEASUREDOME, but they didnt count on meeting Renata Wife and Emilce Fley! The only way to enter the dome is by entering their dribbling cunts and their gaping assholes! And only when they have pleasured the bitches enough will they be allowed to live out the rest of their lives in this palace of pleasure! So prepare yourself for an extremely pleasurable in Jalifs first movie for PRIVATE XTREME!
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DVD Hard - i più venduti di sempre in All Sex
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Victoria Lanz
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